Thursday, December 8, 2011


Dear Life,

I love my boys.
I love to make them happy.
Sometimes the things that makes them happy cost money.
A lot of money.

But alas, I haven't found out how to grow a money tree.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in getting your kids every inane thing they want. I'm a fan of having my kids asking for one thing and doing my best to get it.  My kids really want an XBox 360.  They have wanted one FOREVER.

Who can afford it??????????

Once you buy the system you have to buy extra controllers, then you have to buy games, the list goes on and on and on.

I am on cloud 9.

I got it refurbished....for half the price!

That just makes me want to squeal in joy.

(I think I actually did)

What are you doing for gifts and how are you saving money?  I know that times are tough....would love to hear everyone's ideas!

From....A Mom of Boys!!!!


  1. We got most of our gifts off of eBay or on-line deals. Found some great things that still worked great and had hardly any/ or no wear at all. I figure the first time Hannah (7) crashes on the rollerblades (10 seconds after putting them on!) they would have a few light scratches anyways!!!

  2. Saving money seems to be the ONLY way we can do anything recently... but I think I am getting pretty good at it! For example:

    Nathaniel has been playing golf for three years with the First Tee Program here in our area. He has wanted his own set of golf clubs FOREVER it seems. It was actually the top item on both kids wish list last year. Well I couldn't swing it last year. And then this summer Audrey WON a FULL SET of brand new clubs ... but she is being very controlling with them! I saw on Big 5s Black Friday ad a set of junior clubs for 70% off! And, even though I did NOT get there when the store opened at the crack of dawn, God was good to me, and the ONE set our store got was still there! $179.00 golf set for $65 :-)

    Now Audrey.... she has been BEGGING for an American Girl Doll for YEARS. Last spring a dear woman from our church gave Audrey her AG doll that she had growing up, and since then Addy has gone everywhere with us. But Audrey still REALLY wants Kit... AG dolls almost NEVER go on sale, so imagine my suprise when I got a email with a FOUR HOUR coupon for 50% off and free shipping! I jumped right one it, I have NEVER seem this before, nor has I seen it since, but Kit arrived last week and is totally adorable. Audrey will be SO THRILLED when she sees it!

    And finally, I use agencies that we are involved in to find deals... Like Regional Center for Disneyland tickets! (more than half off, and free parking!)... don't forget we are heading down there Jan 15th and 16th! WOuld love to see you guys!!!

    Now that I commented a novel, I will go away :-)


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