Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday Night

Dear Life,

So this is a face that is super excited about Friday night...
 Ok maybe it doesn't look like it, but that's only because I was trying to take a picture of myself really quick before my husband got back in the car and made fun of me. :)

And let me tell you...I needed to get out of my house and get a break from the giant green cast.  Not the boy mind you...just the cast.  So here we are....see the dimples?  That's me....excited!

Babe took me on a sweet dinner date....and then we went home.  It was only five o clock, we were done by 6:30 and that was perfect.  I was so happy to spend one quiet hour with my hubby.  I am so grateful that somehow we have figured out a way to carve out at least an hour a week to be alone.  We look forward to that time, it's where we talk shop: kids, job, schedules, and gossip.  I still enjoy every moment I get to spend with him...I mean look at him...he's one hot Hawaiian!  I'm a lucky girl!


  1. Lennie met me for lunch yesterday and it was so fun to spend 1 hour to ourselves. With all the hustle and bustle it's easy to forget what it's like to just be together, just the two of you. Glad you guys were able to get out!

  2. Adorable! I love your dinner date pic! I'm so happy that the two of you got out for a bit and shared some couple time. It's the best!

  3. lol yay for date nights! I am glad you had a great time. good pics :) When I get married, I will make it a priority to have at least one day a week date night, even for an hour. I think it's a brilliant idea!


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