Monday, March 26, 2012

Guess Who?

Dear Life,

Guess who is a representative for Speak Now?

You're looking at her!

Here is a list of all of the wonderful representatives.

Speak Now....our voices.

What is Speak Now you're wondering.  Here is a statement from their website:

Speak Now is an organization geared towards giving voice back to young women. 
Located in lovely southern California, Speak Now gives voice to young women by participating in various localized events, is involved nationally in donation drives, and raises awareness about teenage based issues that go unresolved in most circumstances. 

When I was young my voice was not heard.  I was not able to communicate what was truly going on inside my head and in my heart.  I feel so strongly about the worth of every young woman and the importance of teaching them their strength, and the importance of their voice.  Every girl needs to know that they are special, they are beautiful, and they have a purpose.  They also need to know they are loved.  I am proud of the young lady who is the founder.  Ellie Coburn is a brave, wonderful girl who is 16 today as a matter of fact.  I am so impressed with her vision and I feel so blessed to participate.  Please go to the website and make the pledge.  


  1. awesome! I feel the same way. We live in a society where girls are beaten down, talked down to, taken for granted of our true wonderful selves. I am thinking of becoming a rep too! Ellie is wise beyond her years!

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    1. thank you friend...hope you're doing well!


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