Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear Blog of mine....

Dear Life,

Today this post is for blog....

How did you come about?

I resisted you.
For years.
I swore I didn't have time.
I was intimidated by the infinite amount of fabulous bloggers out there.
But the secret my heart I'm a writer.
I'm not a journal writer. 
I've tried that...not successful.
I've been writing Kumaka's journal for five years now.
That must have given me the courage to write for me.
It does take courage...
Sometimes I'm not sure I've succeeded...
But I keep writing.
There is so much to say...
So much to share.
And I have learned so very much.
Because of you I have met some FANTASTIC people. 
People who inspire me.
People who have prayed with me.
People who make me laugh.
People who make me think.
People I have never met and may never meet.
I love that.
You are just a new little blog.
In my dreams you will grow big and strong and make a difference.
My fears....all in black and white and sometimes color.
Thank you for this's pretty amazing!

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  1. Great letter!! Blogs ARE such a great way to just write.

    1. Thanks Jen...I do love my little blog!

  2. I agree with so much of what you are saying here.... I REALLY miss blogging... I NEED to find time to get back to it. After winter passes and my winter blues go away I pray I can jump back in with the passion in my heart!

    You do a GREAT job! I don't know HOW you find the time!!!

    1. have to do's so therapeutic! I find it helps me in my crazy time!


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