Monday, July 30, 2012

Hilarious photos

Dear Life,

I'm joining Moments that Define Life on her linky fun called Listable life.  Today's prompt is Five hilarious photos of your kids.  Since I have five kids I thought this would be perfect! :)

Kumaka....getting a hold of my camera and taking self portraits! little messy is ALWAYS all over his face

This is athlete...trademark!

That the white hat...that's Kekoa...yeah he's planking....WHY?????

The boy in the middle...that's Keoni....he was hot, sweaty and pulling a hand cart.  Face=priceless!

And this is a glimpse of my life....boys are fun!

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  1. You are so funny; love that first shot and the one of the boys piled up on each other! Thanks for the laugh :o)

  2. Love it! You are right - boys are fun! I have three so far! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The planking photo cracks me up! Your boys look like a ton of fun. :-) SO glad you linked up for Listable Life!


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