Friday, January 4, 2013

Her name is Sofi

Dear Life,

Today I had the opportunity to spend some one on one quiet time with my ten year old. 

It was a time I will treasure.  He asked me a lot of questions and said something quite hilarious.  He asked me a lot about Sofi.  
About why her birth parents don't want her.  
I told him that in some countries, it's not very easy to care for children with birth defects; they don't really know what to do with them.  
He said they were mean.  
I told him they weren't mean...they just live in a different kind of world.  
He asked me how long it would take to bring her home. 
I told her we hope to bring her home this year.  
He asked me how come so many people love me.  
I chuckled at that.  
I asked him what he meant.  
He said "you have a lot of friends....and they all like to help.  Like your friend who donated her Christmas coat money for Sofi...and all your friends that give you shoes."  
I thought about that.  
I do have a lot of friends.  
A LOT of friends.  
People who love our family, people who love Sofi.  
People I know personally, people I've never met.  People willing to share our story....and sometimes even dealing with the backlash of other people's negative opinions.  
I told him that we are truly blessed, and Heavenly Father is working hard with all of the people who are touched to help us to bring Sofi here to our family.  
I told him I was sorry that I couldn't take him to her country with us when we go.  
He said that was okay, he didn't want to go.  
He said it was too sad....he didn't want to be sad.  
But he did ask me to bring him something when I go.  
I said "absolutely!".  
As we were talking about the orphanages, I told Stuart that there is a child I read about that was fourteen years old, with a Spina Bifida lesion that had never had surgery.  Kawika asked me all kinds of questions about that. 
He asked what a hole in the back looked like.  
(Kumaka's lesion at birth was  a hole in his back...we were able to see his spine...some kids have a bubble covering the spine)  
I told him that I never showed him the picture because it was pretty graphic.  
He told me he wanted to see it.  
I asked him if he was sure.  
He said "Mom, I watch The Walking Dead....I can handle it."  What an awesome mom I am. son watches zombie stuff so he can handle real life gore.  HMMMMM
"Mom, I want to see his back."
"Okay" I say.  

I was so glad to have that conversation with Kawika.  And it made me realize that I really need to take the time to spend more alone time with each of my kids.  Have conversations with all of on one.  My kids are really awesome.  I was so impressed with his knowledge, his sensitivity, and his questions.  I was really touched that he recognized that people love us, and Sofi and that is why they help...whether it's with money, shoes, or praying.  He is seeing that we are able to do the impossible....only with God's grace.  We are so blessed...and I am so glad our children will be witnesses to a miracle.  Her name is Sofi.  


  1. Seriously........ my cheeks hurt from smiling lol. It sounds like you have such an awesome family, it reminds me a lot of my family. We are both so blessed!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you have grown up knowing such love as well!

  2. what a precious and special moment! love that boy! and love YOU! :)


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