Monday, January 28, 2013

Shoe update....

Dear Life,

I only have a few minutes.  I am so tired.  Tired in an exhausted, amazed, unbelievably blessed way.  I have heard of things like this.  Never have I been witness to or been a part of such an outpouring of love.  Below you will see three pictures.  They are of my dining room.  These are the shoes we received this weekend. 
 These are NOT the shoes that are being shipped from Arizona.  These are NOT the shoes from Indiana.  These are NOT the shoes from the local schools that have done shoe drives and some of the other local people that have been collected.  The number we have counted to right now is 5175.  There are over 1000 pairs of shoes in my dining room.  Maybe even 2000 pairs.  When we think about the scope of our shoe drive, the amount of people that have been touched by Shoes for Sofi, we are so amazed and it truly brings us to tears. 
 When we think about the sheer number of people that must have donated shoes, all of those people have heard of Sofi, of her story, and purposefully donated their shoes to bring her home, that is truly a miracle.  We really can't even thank you enough for the sharing of your shoes.  This story started with a very special little girl, and is ending with love from all over the country.

  She will come here, she will be taught her story.  She will know how very loved she is.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. :) Hooray! Can't wait to keep hearing about her journey home... congrats on breaking 5000!


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