Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Service for Sofi

Dear Life,

Monday I was a broken down mess.  With Sofi's upcoming birthday, and the lack of any progress of any sort towards a referral for the last two months, my heart was breaking.  I wept, I prayed, and I felt like I could literally feel my heart breaking.  

I thought of my other kids birthdays over the years....
Birthday Breakfasts...
Disney Birthdays....
Birthday Cakes....
Birthday Beach Parties...
Birthday overload.

For Sofi....she got...

Another day.
Like no other.
Not a special all about me day.
Just another day in an orphanage.

My arms were aching to hold her, to whisper Happy Birthday for the first time, to sing to her and smile while she blows out the candles.

When the day actually came around, something happened.
I offered to do a little driving errand for my friend.
It was so wonderful to give back.
And then we went to Target and picked up a couple of toys for another friend who is having a toy drive in honor of her sweet boy who went to live with Jesus last honor of Sofi.
We gave service for Sofi today.
And our hearts were lighter.

What a lesson learned. 
I am so grateful to my friend who called me yesterday asking me if I could run that little errand. 
My day was much lighter.

We ate cupcakes in honor of Sofi.
Next year...we'll eat cake....with Sofi.
She'll be in a princess dress.
With sparkles in her hair. 

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