Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating a birth from afar

Normally I would write Dear Life...but today is Sofi's birthday so I am writing to her.

Dear Sofi,

On July 3rd, 2009, a beautiful little girl was born. 

She was born without excitement.

She was born without celebration.

She was born and then given up.

She endured surgeries alone.

She had no one to hold her, and tell her she would be ok.

She had no one to hold her close and sing her to sleep.

She simply had no one.

For three years there was no one who enquired after her.

She lived in an orphanage...and never spoke.

She didn't play with other children.

She didn't leave her crib.

A little more than a year ago a family saw her picture.

And fell in love.

And started moving heaven and earth to bring her to live in a forever family. 

With them.

That little girl is you.

That family is us.

We are an ocean apart.

But we are celebrating your birth in our hearts.

We cry because we can't hold you, and tell you how much we love you.

But we smile through the tears because we know this will be the last year you will be alone.

We are waiting to visit you.

To tell you all about our journey to you.

To hold you and kiss you and tell you to hold on.

We are coming to bring you home.

Don't give up.

Don't you dare.

We are never giving up on you.

We love you so much Sofi.

Happy Birthday

It will be your last one alone.

Love, Mommy

For those of you wanting to know how you can help...here is what we are doing RIGHT NOW.

We made a puzzle with a picture of one of Sofi's brother's, Kekoa.   The puzzle has 252 pieces.  We are selling each piece for $3.00 each.  Kekoa chose the giveaway prize which is "Hurley Phantom Create" boardshorts.  These boardshorts are listed at $125.00.  You design them and then they will be shipped directly to you! Please consider purchasing a puzzle piece of two in honor of Sofi's birthday!  When you purchase a piece we will write your family's name on the back so she can she all of the people who helped her on her journey home.  Contact me privately and I will tell you how you can purchase pieces!    

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