Monday, August 19, 2013

A life impacted

Dear Life,

It is amazing to watch when a life (or several for that matter) are impacted because of another person.

17 years ago there was a  17 year old boy.
He had a bright future ahead.
He was an up and coming young surfer.
Until the day his future was jeopardized when he was injured surfing at Zuma beach.
He suffered a spinal cord injury that left him a paraplegic.
The doctors told him he would never surf again.

Never say never.

Eventually he did start surfing again.
And then he created an organization to help others surf too.

His name is Jesse Billauer.

 Kumaka Jensen, Jesse Billauer, Katie Hull

As founder of Life Rolls On Foundation, Jesse now serves as 

the organization's Director of National Outreach. "LRO is an 

avenue to hope, independence, freedom, happiness, 

inspiration, and teamwork," he explains. "It is about bringing

people together and changing lives one day, one program,

and one person at a time.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

This Saturday we saw so many smiles and so many miracles. 
So many of our friends surfed, some for the first time.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

A beautiful smile from our dear friend Katie, after catching the first waves of the day.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

Lourdes, catching a fun wave with a wonderful smile on her 


Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

Brock, smiling from ear to ear.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

Carlos is getting his shred on.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

First time surfing made Misty smile like an angel.

When it was Kumaka's turn, I watched from the shore as Kumaka was carried into the ocean.
Tears streamed from my eyes as I watched a team of twenty, all in red, waiting to catch him if he fell.

I knew behind me was our whole family, there to cheer him on.
I smiled... thinking about Kumaka's daddy, and two of his brothers who were there in that same ocean, helping him do what he "shouldn't" be able to do. 
As they paddled with him, farther and farther, I could barely see him.
I wondered what he was thinking.  
I wondered if he was scared.
And then all of a sudden I see them take off.....and it sounded like the whole beach let off a cheer as Cory stood up and then lifted Kumaka up in the air and they caught a wave just like that.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,


Arms were in the air, tears were flowing, and all you could hear was "Yeah...go Kumaka"

Pic courtesy of Presley Photography

Wave after wave he surfed, until the last one...when his daddy got to surf with his boy for the very first time.

Pic courtesy of Diane Edmonds,

An amazing moment for Stuart...and a great day for a six year old boy.

And today, he told his daddy, 
"Thank you for being there for me daddy."

This made me reflect on the ripple effect from one person.
One person was injured...and made the choice to 
He shared his passion with others wanting to 
LIVE LIFE after a spinal cord injury.
That passion has created this movement called 
Life Rolls On.

All because this young man never gave up. 
Because he knew that Life Rolls On. 


  1. SOOOO Beautiful Tracy. You have such a gift of writing! Wish I could have been there to witness such an amazing event. Thanks for sharing, it is truly inspiring!!

  2. You have a wonderful gift for storytelling. I'm looking forward to reading your novel!!!

    1. Diane, thank you so much for taking pictures of these amazing moments in time so we can remember them forever. <3 Thank you for allowing me to put them on my blog. I hope I have done them justice.

  3. I really think you could write a book with all your beautiful stories.

  4. As one of the volunteers with LRO, I can say that being part of these events are life-changing for us too. The courage of all the surfers, combined with the support from their family members makes for a truly impactful moment. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Mike. We appreciate all of the volunteers and those that put these events on so much! :)

  5. morning tears are the best tears of the day! i love your little boy! just the sweetest!


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