Thursday, August 15, 2013

Diet Coke date Friday

Dear Life,

A get to know me post....

I have been married to this amazing guy for almost 19 years....(EEK...can't even believe seems like yesterday we went on that fateful Disneyland trip that started it all....)

I have five boys.....and it's amazing and overwhelming and crazy all at once!  
I don't write about all of them all the time...especially the oldest two cause they don't like it and I'm trying to respect their privacy wishes.  

I love them all so very much....and I think it's so very crazy and cool that each and every one of them is SOOOO different! Their likes, their looks, their habits...all unique to them!  

In case we didn't have enough crazy in our town....

We decided to adopt a little girl from Eastern Europe.
She's four....with beautiful brown eyes and brown hair.
She has a different form of Spina Bifida than Kumaka.
I will get to visit her next month (eek)
So excited, scared, happy, nervous, etc about that!

This is my first time linking up with Rags to Stitches...and today she's asked us to share two things that are here goes....

I like large diet cokes...and I cannot lie.
(Preferably in a Sonic Cup with that delicious crunchy ice)

Bling makes me happy. 
I am the nerdiest, sparkle queen you ever did see.  If I could get away with it, I would wear something sparkly every. single. day. 
(Yes..I will be the eighty year old bejeweled from head to toe...don't judge).

Thanks for popping over! 


  1. As I read each of your posts I am realizing we have so much in common. Sparkle sparkle!!!

  2. What a beautiful family!! And I love me some bling too! Popping over from the linkup :-)

    1. aww thank you for poppin over! :) A girl after my own heart with the bling! :)

  3. What lovely photos of your children! I found your blog via Rags to Stitches and I'm so glad I did! Good luck with your new little girl. X Jane


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