Monday, August 12, 2013

Why she's ours

Dear Life,

As we have been waiting for a signature and a proper referral, I have been reading Sofi's medicals.
I have Google'd every word I didn't know.
I read her medical reports when we first looked at her file, but it was so confusing that I didn't read it with a fine tooth comb.
I am now if for no other reason than to feel closer to her.
What I found in those reports makes me KNOW she's ours...and we are SUPPOSED to be her parents.
They also make me wonder how on earth she's even alive.
God has a plan for my girl.

She was born on July 3.
She weighed a little over 5 pounds.
She was 18 inches long.
She had a lesion on her head (not on her spine like Kumaka's is).
The lesion was on her head where her soft spot was.
Her soft spot was larger than normal.
When they operated on the lesion, the fluid in her brain got bigger quickly, until she started seizing.
Five days later they put in a shunt and the seizures stopped shortly thereafter.
A few months later, they operated again to put a plastic piece over the soft spot (maybe to protect it??)

As I was reading this, I realized that my girl is so lucky to have made it this far.
And then I recalled a conversation I had with my facilitator about Sofi's file.

When Sofi was a baby, no one even LOOKED at her file.
Not one family stepped up to see what this girl was about.
When she was three, when we saw her picture, we were the only family to inquire after her.
Her file at that point was in a type of nowhere agency had it because no one had expressed interest..her issues were just too much.

It hit us hard today that she was protected...she was waiting...for us.
She is ours.
I feel that in my heart.
I know it.

I don't like to imagine what would happen if she didn't come home to our family.
Thankfully, because of all of you, we are more than halfway through.
She has a family.
We will do everything we can to give her all she needs...a family to love her...big brothers to protect her...and mommy and daddy to rock her...and doctors to care for her.

We do have a way to go....but my heart is telling me we will get there.

If your heart is telling you to be a part of Sofi's story, please consider donating anything....every dollar helps us get to her.  In six months she will be ours.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'd love to see you write a book about your family's journey!


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