Friday, September 6, 2013

The big date

Dear life,

The date is here FINALLY!  We are going to visit Sofi in October.  We are leaving October 4th, visiting Sofi From Oct 7-11th, then going back to the capital for a day before leaving.  The week before my birthday I am going to have the best present ever....visiting our girl.

There are not enough words really to describe the range of emotions we have.


We have jumped through every paperwork hurdle imaginable. 
We have raised thousands of dollars to date.
We have waited....for what seemed like forever.
We have hurried...just to wait some more.
We have felt excited...we have felt fear.'s crunch time.
It's real.
It's happening.
In one month.

We have overcome the biggest hurdle to date.
Now we have to keep our eyes on the finish line.
There are only a few obstacles now.
They are pretty much only financial.

We need travel money for two trips and we need to raise the 4000 euros stat.
Once I come back from visiting Sofi, until that 4000 euros is paid in full, our court dates won't happen.

So the pressure is on.

We have so many different ways you can help.
And one reason why you should.

An orphan from birth.
Her mother was young, did not have the resources to care for her, and did the only thing she could do....give her up to the orphanage.
This girl has had no one.
Not one person to hug her, love her, care for her, even really know that she exists.
Until last year.
When we saw her.
And fell in love.

When you look at your kids today, coming home from school, give them a hug.
REALLY look at them.
Realize that they have been shaped by the family they have.
They are so blessed...they have you.
They are growing, thriving, learning, happy.

She is waiting.
For me.

We can't finish this without you.
I am literally begging you.
Please....choose one of our it however you can.

She needs to come home to her mommy and daddy.
She currently weighs 22 pounds. 
She is 4 1/2 years old.

Help us.
Here's how:

Threads of Hope bracelets:

In Puerta Galero in the Philippines, the families struggle to eat. Through these bracelets, made by the mothers and children in that village, the children no longer have to turn to prostitution to help feed their families. This fundraiser has two parts.... Helping those families and raising money to bring home an orphan. Our little Sofi. One bracelet is $2 and three is $5. For every bracelet sold, we raise one dollar for Sofi and one dollar to feed a family. Best two dollars you could spend today. So buy one.... For every family member. Share this post. Be the change today!
(Email me with your order and I will send you a paypal invoice.

We would love to have more runners on our team "Steps to Sofi".

You can go HERE to join the team: (the money here goes to our adoption agency Children's House International to pay the rest of the fees and is tax deductible)

You can also choose a runner and sponsor them there as well. 

You also have to go HERE to sign up for the race.  We are having people do half marathon as well as 5K.  

You don't have to actually run to be on the team!  You can virtually sign up for our team and raise money!

Here is a general fund donation page: This will help pay our travel fees and other general expenses.


There is an Adoption Auction on Facebook that you can check out HERE

There are three photographers....awesome angel tickets....scrapbooks....scentsy....Little Penelope Lane hair wraps and clips....Nailed It nail decals...and my personal indentured family!!!  (My babysitting husbands hard labor....and my two medium kids doing yard work)

We are doing a Squares for Sofi Fundraiser.  You donate $5 to participate.  You make a quilt square (hand sewn, fabric markers or puffy paint...or whatever you design) to be put together for a quilt for Sofi.  We would love to have all of our close friends and family be a part of this special love fundraiser. 
Plus Stuart thought of this we have to give him props!

So.....there are so many ways. to help.  Pick one.  Pick them all.  Just please look inside your heart and bring home this girl.  One less orphan....

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