Thursday, September 12, 2013


Dear Life,

As I sit here writing this, I am truly humbled.
With tears in my eyes I feel lifted by God's hand.
Over the last week, ever since we received our dates to visit Sofi, I have felt enormous stress and pressure.
Couple that with extreme excitement and uncertainty and you can see why I have ended up sleepless every night.

First and foremost we are so very grateful and happy and excited to FINALLY meet our girl.
We are a little shocked that we are at this almost seemed like it would never happen.
And then the fear set in...what if we don't raise enough money.
What if I get lost!!! (Never been in Europe....I'm a little nervous)
What if Sofi doesn't like me.
What if what if what if.
Keeps me up at night.

I prayed extra hard.
In words I pleaded to all of anyone who reads my blog.
I talked to my friends.
I talked with my best friend, my sweetheart.
I got grounded.

And then I got happy mail today.
I got a beautiful hoop from Jaime (Baezamama on IG) that simply says Be Brave in the most beautiful sunshiney yellow tones. (This was from a hoop exchange hosted by Emmy from "It's Just Emmy" as an adoption fundraiser for her upcoming adoption).
Then I got four envelopes....all containing money.

And then I felt lifted.
I knew that even in my hard hours...when I'm crying and pleading....God hears me and knows me.

I'm going to share this picture of my little man Kumaka....

Do you see this boy? He's flying...having the time of his life.
He has these experiences because he has a family that loves him...friends that love him...and people that reach out to teach him.
Sofi does not have that.
She is waiting for us to give her a forever family.
More importantly, we need her.
She's already ingrained in our hearts.
I know she is supposed to come to our family.

Help our girl come home.  We are so very close.  You can read HERE to find out all the ways you can bring our girl home. 

Thank you. 


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