Sunday, December 1, 2013

One less

Dear Life,

I wrote about Susanna awhile back. She needed a family so badly. (You can read about her HERE: Susanna's Story)
 Susanna had Spina Bifida that was never surgically repaired and untreated hydrocephalus.  She was the same age as Kumaka.  In her six years of life, she never, ever left the crib.  She learned to scoot around her crib a little bit, and she became best friends with the little boy in the crib next to her.  She would straighten his clothes and hold his hand.  Finally, a family came forward.  They were in the middle of the long, arduous process of paperwork that needs to be done when adopting internationally.  They were so excited to bring her home and get her the very necessary medical care she needed and add her to their beautiful family.  And then one day they received a phone call that no one wants to get.  Sweet little Susanna passed away.  Her family was working hard....but her untreated Spina Bifida got to her first.  

Our Adoption family was devastated by the news.  We all cried for this sweet little girl that never got to meet her mommy and daddy.  

This picture of Susanna's crib broke my I imagined her living in this crib for six years...and now she's gone.  

During this season of thankfulness, our family has really thought long and hard about all of you.  You, our friends, family, and those we don't even know who have donated one dollar, five dollars, fifty dollars, or more.  You, who have donated shoes, collected shoes, collected clothing, etc.   You are the reason that Sofi will come home.  That she has a chance for life.  You are the reason that she will have a family, that she will not be alone.  You are a part of her story.  And her crib will be empty soon, and she will be here in our home and with our family.  She will be able to have dreams, hopes, and love.  She will have the best medical care we can provide for her.  She will leave the orphanage. She will come home.  

Thank you.   We are so very close....court is coming up in a couple of weeks.  And then we can show her face.....please consider giving our girl hopes and dreams for Christmas.  

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