Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Farewell Sunday

Dear Life,

 Today is the last Sunday I will spend with Kekoa for two years.
Today is the last talk we will hear him speak for two years.
Family and friends came to hear his words and spend time with him today.

It was a beautiful, amazing morning sitting next to those we love listening to words from my son.
He spoke about the Plan of Salvation.
He taught us.
He shared special moments he experienced in Hawaii.
And of course I cried.  
My baby is leaving, going to serve a two year mission for our church.
He will be serving the people of the Kentucky Louisville mission.  
I am so very proud of him.
He has such a beautiful spirit.
A silly giggle.
A heart that loves others.
He will be an amazing missionary.  

It was a great afternoon, full of amazing Hawaiian food made by my wonderful father in law and sister in law.

Many of our dear family and friends came to spend time with Kekoa today, to give him a big hug and say "See you in two."
My heart is full, and I can't wait to hear all of the stories he will have for us.  
Kekoa, as the first missionary in our family, you are a pioneer!  You are a huge example!
I am so thankful for Kekoa, proud of his choice to serve the Lord for two years.  
I am so thankful to our family who helped us prepare an amazing meal that Kekoa LOVED (Hawaiian food...just in case he doesn't have any in Kentucky!)
I am so thankful to everyone who came to spend time with him and see him off.  

What a beautiful day!

I love this song...such a wonderful way to think about serving the Lord.


  1. 1. Go forth with faith to tell the world
    Of Jesus Christ, the Lord.
    Bear witness he is God's own Son;
    Proclaim his wondrous word.
    Go forth with hope and courage strong
    To spread the word abroad
    That people of all nations
    Are children of our God.
  2. 2. Go forth with love to tell the world
    The joy of families--
    That we may be with those we love
    Thru all eternity.
    Go forth to serve and do your best
    With no thought of reward;
    Then you shall know the boundless joy
    Of serving Christ, the Lord.
  3. 3. Go forth with pow'r to tell the world
    The gospel is restored,
    That all may gain eternal life
    Thru Jesus Christ, the Lord.
    Go forth to preach his glorious truths
    Of peace, of joy, and love,
    That all who heed his holy word
    May praise the Lord above.
  4. Text: Ruth M. Gardner, 1927-1999. (c) 1985 IRI
  5. Music: Lyall J. Gardner, b. 1926. (c) 1985 IRI

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