Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thank you

Dear Life,

Today I shared a little bit more about my son's very serious, scary, and sad mental health disorder.  Watching his mind basically fracture, and watching him shrink was a bad dream.  And for a few weeks all I wanted to do was talk about it but I felt like I couldn't.  Like I had to keep a secret.  And that is one of the biggest problems with the mental health issues in America.  People don't talk about it.  People don't educate themselves about it.  People don't get help.  They get embarrassed.  They don't want to get judged. But as I shared today, dozens of people reached out, to give our family love and support.  Many people shared their own stories. And that is what people need.  People need grace, people need love, people need to know that there is no judgement.  Mental health is dangerous.  If you feel judged, or unable to get help, the likelihood of suicide is so much higher.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone is fighting a battle.  I am so grateful for all of you that reached out today to love and support our boy.  Knowing that when you see him you will appreciate how much it takes for him to be at church, or at school, or anywhere and just shake his hand or give him a hug.  Let him know he's loved.  Because Love Will Always Win. I have to believe that.  Thank you! 

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