Thursday, June 2, 2016

All We Need is LOVE

Dear Life,

As I read the headlines, I get increasingly sad.
Watching students get shot at schools, 
Seeing terrorist attacks all over the world,
Reading hateful comments people write about various topics,
I am SAD.

It seems that the world is getting increasingly more scary,
More hateful,
More mean,

It seems like people want to blame,
People want to judge,
People want to voice their opinion on everything.

We need action.
This WORLD needs action.

I'm not talking about more guns, more violence, more hate.
I'm talking about LOVE.
We need to love each other.
Love our families.
Love our friends.
Love our neighbors.

Teach our children to accept differences.
To value the act of kindness.
Teach them to treat everyone around them with LOVE.

As the young generation learns to love,
To be educated instead of judgemental,
They will become the generation that makes a difference in this world.

Love has to win.
Love has to be the answer.
There is not always a reason for a tragedy, there is not always blame to be placed.

Educate. Love. Kindness.  Be the light.

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