Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mama bear is out and she is roaring...and her heart is breaking

Dear life,

I can deal with challenges.  You know I have dealt with and conquered quite a lot over the years.  The challenges now are different.  When it was me, it was different.  But when it deals with my kids...

WATCH OUT! Mama Bear comes out and comes out roaring!

With five boys...Mama Bear likes to rear her ugly head A LOT.  I have learned to tame kids aren't a fan of freak out Mama Bear.  But when it comes to education for my son with ADD or for the health of my special needs boy....Mama Bear stands on her two feet and will give you goosebumps.

Watch out...She's out!!!!!

Kumaka had a scheduled MRI to get a baseline reading of his brain (hydrocephalus) and of his spine (Spina Bifida).  (See here to learn more about Kumaka).  I got the results....he was diagnosed with Tethered Cord.)
That is one result I have been dreading...the surgery is scary.  Lots of people have it...lots of people come out better than before.  But tethered cord can cause so many issues; and the surgery can cause issues.  Anyway...we went to therapy today to walk in his RGO's (which he LOVES doing) and as I was explaining the MRI findings, I was showing Kumaka's PT his back and where the tethering is.  That's when I noticed the bubble of fluid on his back by his tailbone where the tethering is.  THAT scared me.  And kinda freaked out the PT too.  If this is not treated it has the potential to paralyze him completely.  Needless to say the PT says that until the doctor okays PT...he is not able to practice walking.  Kumaka was bummed.  I was beyond the situation.  Called the neurosurgeon and will meet with him on Friday morning to figure out what the next steps are.  Praying....praying that the answers will come and that Kumaka will come through it all ok.  Praying the the neurosurgeon will listen to Mama I don't have to freak out even more.  I don't want to go there.  
Keep him in your prayers...

From...A Mom of Boys

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