Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well...I tried

Dear Life, got in the way of my good intentions.  I really wanted to teach my family about being thankful....but I guess it's unrealistic to think that I could get my family to write a thank you letter to someone every day.  I really tried...but we've been rotating a nasty cold...and it just didn't happen.  So...I decided to have them share something they are grateful for every day at the dinner table..starting today.

Kawika (9)    I am grateful for food! (typical boy)
Keoni (17)    Martenelli's Apple Cider (no words)
Kekoa (14)   The Office... (REALLY???)
Kalani (11)    The Scriptures (AWWW...that was awesome)
Kumaka (4)   The Scriptures (copycat)
Daddy            Scriptures too (I guess he's a copycat too)
Mommy          My best friend.....daddy...(then he kissed me and the kids were practically hurling at the table "EWWWWWW"  "Don't Look" ETC ETC )

Good times!  Love my family!

From...A Mom of Boys!!!

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