Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Talk from the Table Tuesday

What we are grateful for...around the table of the Jensen's...

Keoni "I am grateful for Buffy"  As in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Mom "Really Keoni????"
Keoni "Ok...Slurpees...and Buffy"

Kumaka "I am grateful for potatoes and Mommy"
(I don't see the correlation..but ok)

Kalani "I am grateful the Sumerians created school"
(Which means he is grateful for school....yay!)

Kawika "I am grateful for mommy"

Kekoa "I am grateful for Chocolate muffins"
(Will he be grateful for anything besides food and tv???)

The clowns running the circus
Stuart "I am grateful that I have a beautiful wife and she's got back"
(I am SOOOO grateful that he is grateful for my ASSETS)
Tracy "I am grateful for my boys...and everything that each one of them shares with the world...their different personalities and strengths."

And then Keoni read us a story from the scriptures..including caveman like voices to make it interesting.  

That is Talk from the Table.

From....A Mom of Boys!!!!

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  1. too cute! i love all the pics and what each boy said he's thankful for! :) you are beautiful and so is your back - hee hee! :)


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