Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The day music collided

Dear Life,

Today the best thing happened.  I was listening to my playlist on Spotify (which I LOVE by the way) when my seventeen year old comes over and.....
wait for it......
ASKS me to play

I KNOW!!!!!!
So I let him choose the song.
You'll never guess......
I Will Always Love You.....
He turned it up loud...
As he started singing and I had to lift my chin up off the floor!
He then proceeded to tell me very matter of factly that Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson both said that Whitney Houston was their inspiration.
Who is this kid?????
Let me just clue you in on the fact that we like almost NONE of the same music at this time.  Although I think he secretly likes Adele but he won't ever fess up to that one.
He's still mad that he knows words to country songs since that was all we listened to for a long time when he was younger.  It irritates him that the words come unbidden.
I love being surprised by Keoni and I love that our music collided today!

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