Saturday, February 25, 2012

The couch and a haircut

Dear Life,

The boy in the Giant Green Cast has been spending a LOT of time on our couch.  Sleeping, eating, reading, playing,'s become his second home.  Today my dear friend Kristie came over and gave my shaggy headed boy a haircut.  While he was laying down.  On my couch.  One more thing I can say happened on my couch while Kumaka was in the Giant Green Cast.  I have to say that I am so grateful to Kristie for coming over, giving him an  awesome haircut, giving me a small window of time to go to the bank and take care of some errands, basically serving our family.  It's great to have friends.  And it's great to have such an amazing couch.  I too have spent more time we don't let him sleep alone.  It's a hand me down from my brother and sister in law.  I am so grateful for this couch.  And my friend.  And this boy...who smiles through it all.  


  1. SO handsome!! Nothing like a good couch and good friends!!

  2. Awwww, sweet boy! His haircut looks great!

  3. OH, what a sweet heart!!! I am sure you are BOTH having to be patient right now. ;) I LOVE the hair cut... so handsome!!! Ok, I just got done catching up on your last posts. I will have to find some green socks. ;) hang in there!!! You are your little hero are doing AMAZING!!!!

  4. Oh I agree so sweet. I found your blog through the hop. Glad I did.


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