Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Owls for Orphans

Dear Life,

We have been so blessed to be featured this month on Owls for Orphans.
Owls for Orphans Blog

Amy is a mom, and amazing owl maker.  She started this as a fundraiser for her own adoption. (She and her husband just got back from visiting their soon to be six year old daughter who just happens to be in the same country as Sofi).  She then decided to feature families each month and fundraise for them.  The most awesome part of this in my mind is that if you don't want to buy an owl for yourself, you can buy an owl for orphans.  Whoever is traveling that month will take owls purchased for orphans to the orphanage.    This is a quote from her blog:

I wanted to give you an update on the owls.  The
 representative that was supposed to meet with me was 
unable to, so I didn't have a reliable way to get them to the
 original orphanage and into the hands of the kids.  I 
decided to give the owls to some of the children I visited at a different orphanage.  This is the orphanage who cares for two girls some friends of ours are trying to adopt. They care for about 40 special needs kids and 40 healthy with most under 3 years in age.  Your owls ended up on a floor where the most severely disabled children are cared for.  One went to our friend's future little girl.  She is very shy and can't sit up.  She got the pink one.  She was very attracted to the big eyes and liked touching the texture of the toy also.  Another girl is about a size 12 months at 3 years and was parked in a stroller facing a wall with no toys.  Some people believe she is so damaged there is no point in giving her any attention.  I interacted with her for about 15 minutes and was able to get her to smile, grasp my finger and track her eyes with the little orange owl.  He stayed with her and I hope she will now at least have one toy to touch and look at!  One of the purple and green owls stayed with a little girl named P.  She was sitting in a special chair that an agency provided to support her large head.  She is 10 years old and has hydrocephalus.  The chair was parked in a dark hallway and P reached out for attention as we passed by. She smiled and hugged the owl to her face. She was very excited.   The next owl went to the little one I have been calling B on the blog.  She is an active little girl who gets attention because she demands it!  She saw me giving them to the other children through the window of her room and tapped to get my attention.  I couldn't resist giving her one!  One owl did also end up with a little girl who traveled to her new home (in the US!) this week.  She saw them on my bed and I really couldn't say NO!

Your little owls really made some children happy.  Even in the room with the healthy toddlers there were no soft toys.  None of the children in cribs had anything soft or textured to touch."

We have half a month to go...would you consider purchasing an owl..for your home or for an orphan?  Mention the Jensen family when you purchase and we will Amy will donate 50% of her proceeds to our adoption fund.  We are raising money right now to visit Sofi for the first time in the summer.  We need 5000 dollars.  How many owls can we sell?????  We are stepping closer to Sofi!

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