Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flying towards Sofi

Dear Life,

We are getting closer to Sofi!  We have a completed homestudy in our possession.  We have received our FBI clearances.  We have taken our documents to Downtown LA to get them apostilled at the Secretary of State office (Really grateful right now that we have a satellite office in LA...and it's driveable.  If we were to mail them in, we would still be waiting for them to be done...and heaven forbid if there is a problem).  Just sent off the majority of our documents to Sofi's country, they are awaiting our FBI clearances (just sent them to Washington DC to get apostilled) and our immigration clearances.  THAT'S IT folks!!!!  Then...they translate it and take it to court where they decide whether or not we are officially approved to adopt Sofi!  From there, they will give us a date to visit!!!!!!  It's so very surreal to be this far.  We are in the hurry up...then wait period.  We have been scrambling to get everything done...and things have all come up at once....and now we wait for governments to do their thing.  

And tonight, I have been thinking of our girl.  My heart is breaking because of the waiting.  My arms are aching to hold her...to teach her about her family...to show her the world.  We can't wait to take her to the ocean....to see her eyes light up when she sees the birds at the beach or hears the soothing waves.  I can't wait to hold her in my lap, to hold her sweet hand, to teach her about love.  Imagine...having to teach a four year old about love.  We take it for granted....because we all have it.  But for this little girl, she has only known people who care for her because it's their job.  She hasn't felt joy, she hasn't expressed happiness. I'm not sure she knows how to FEEL at all.  I'm sad we have to wait....that she has to wait....but I do know that it will happen in His time...and in His perfect way.  And I know that once she is here....love for her will be overflowing.  

If any of you want to know what you can do to help us, here is how right now:

Our friend Amy Moss at Owls for Orphans is doing a fundraiser for us.  For every owl purchased, she is donating 50 percent (yes that is correct....Five Zero) towards our adoption.  If you want to purchase an adorable hand made owl and don't have  a place for one, don't you worry, you can buy one for an orphan!  They are helping us fly towards Sofi!!!! 

We are also taking straight donations through our YouCaring site.  Below is the link!  

We are collecting money for travel at this point...so as soon as we get the green light we are ready to purchase tickets!!!!!!  Please consider an owl (through the month of March or a straight donation) to help us fly away!

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