Thursday, April 11, 2013

A little Sofi update

Dear Life,

Steps towards Sofi.....

We have officially sent off our immigration paperwork to USCIS.  
That is a HUGE step.
Now.....we wait. 
We wait for an agent to be assigned to our case.
We wait for that agent to process our case.
We wait for acceptance.
We wait with bated breath.
When that approval comes (in about two months...SIGH)
We send that approval to Sofi's country.  
Then we wait for an official referral.
When that comes....
We get travel dates to visit our baby girl.

Can't wait.  Two months is so long.
So long.
I hate that Sofi is in a holding pattern.
Not even knowing that we are working so very hard to bring her home.
Not even knowing that there is a mommy, daddy, and five brothers anxiously awaiting her arrival.
Waiting to hold her, kiss her, and take care of her.

How can you help?
You can pray. 
Pray that Sofi stays healthy.
Pray that we can learn patience.
Pray that we receive our referral in a timely manner.
Pray for the grants we are applying for....that we can receive enough to cover the last bit.
Anytime you want to participate in any of our fundraisers, please do.
Anytime you want to share our story...please do.
If you ever want to just donate, there is a button on my blog for YouCaring or you can send us a check.

Where are we at financially?

RIGHT NOW....we need 3000 euros for Sofi's agency in her country.  That is an immediate need.  
We can't travel without paying that.
We also need to fund our traveling.
Which is approximately $4000-$5000 each trip.
We are furiously applying for grants.
If we can get any of those they will help greatly.

Thank you so much for following our Steps to Sofi.  Her story is but one in hundreds of thousands of children who need a home.  When she comes home there will be one less.  One less sad, alone, orphaned child.  Not everyone is called to adopt.  Some people are called to support.  For all of you who support us; emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially, we thank you.

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