Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Steps to Sofi

Dear Life,

So here is another Sofi update...and our latest fundraiser.

As you know, our papers are currently with USCIS awaiting approval.  
That takes anywhere from 1 month to 2.  (Praying for one)
Then our dossier goes to Sofi's country ( most of it already has and is in the process of translation as we speak...all they are waiting on is our passports and i800a (USCIS) approval)
Then we wait for her government to give us our official referral and travel dates.
I asked our case worker what her guesstimates were for our first trip and she said July. 
I can't even believe that we are that close (and yet so far) from meeting our baby girl. 
After  our initial visit, we have another form to fill out with USCIS.
Then we wait for a signature from her country, a court date, and then we pick her up. 
We are thinking it will be around December. 
What a perfect Christmas gift.

Financially, we still have a bit to do.  
We need to send 3000 euros to her agency in Eastern Europe before we travel the first time.  
And we need to come up with travel money.
We have been furiously filling out grants.
We have been denied our first one. :(  BOOOO
But there are plenty more to apply for.
In the mean time, we have another fundraiser! 
Jubilees Jewels   has collaborated with us to create two beautiful pendants. 

Faith in every footstep is a reminder to me that every single step we take (even the backwards ones) is one step closer to Sofi.  Very appropriate reminder given the miracle of our shoe drive. :) $30.00


You are loved is a reminder that she is a piece of my heart....and that she is loved.  (I'm partial to hearts...and I just love this) $32.00


Both are beautiful and great for a gift or for yourself.  Half of the proceeds will go towards our adoption.  (And the check goes straight to our agency)  We are praying we can help make a dent in the 3000 euros!

July will come around the corner....I can't wait to hold her.  

Thank you so much for your love, support, prayers and sharing of our journey.  We have seen miracles and have yet to see many more.

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