Monday, November 5, 2012

A letter of thanks

Dear Life,

Whew!  After a post every single day in October I am pooped!  I have some things that I will be posting in the next few days, but I today I just want to take the time to share some thanks in the form of a letter to Sofi.

Dear Sofi,

Going into this adoption, we knew it would be tough.  There are a lot of steps, a lot of things we are responsible for getting done.  All of these things cost money.  What we think about more than the money though, is Sofi.  We are going to share a bit of you right now Sofi girl:

Sofi is three years old.
She is a beautiful brown haired, brown eyed baby girl.
She has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  
She lives in Eastern Europe in an orphanage. 
Her days are very regimented...and she spends most of her time in her crib day in and day outT.
She is not held, sung to, or kissed.
She is alone.
No one has ever even wanted to adopt her.
No one.
Until we came along.
Until we looked at her beautiful brown eyes and fell in love.
Now she has a family of boys that are anxiously awaiting her arrival.
A mommy and a daddy who are praying every night that you stay healthy...that you can somehow feel their love from miles away...and hang on.

We're coming Sofi.  We're working hard.  Other people are working hard.  People have heard our story, you're story Sofi, and they have been touched.  They want you to come have an eternal family. First a friend from church shared their cupcake store....had a day for you.  It was so fun to see them sell out of cupcakes!  Then our local community put an article in the local magazine.  They also put together a few fundraisers.  Tonight we had the first one....and it was amazing. A local jeweler is making a diamond heart pendant in your's going to be beautiful. He is raffling it off to help pay to bring you home.  The generosity of these people warms my heart....reminds me of a time long gone when community mattered.  And then over the weekend a dear friend (who I know online but have never met in person) decided to put together a weekend of photography sessions and donate 100% of the proceeds towards bringing you home.  In fifteen minutes the sessions were booked.  Her heart is so big....and we are so touched by all of this.  It's overwhelming in some ways to see God working so hard to bring you here.  We can see He wants you to have a have a family.  It's humbling to see His hand in this work.  We  know that we are so blessed...and that if we could help just one of His children, we would be giving back just a little to He who has given us everything.  And we are able to see His hand in it all.  Sofi, we can't wait to meet hug bring you home.  And when you're ready we will be having a party!

Love you so much Sofi!

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  1. I can't wait until your blog is... from the mom of boys... and one very special girl!


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