Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hope and peace in a dream

Dear life,

We have been praying.
A lot.
For our family.
For our children.
For Sofi.

We have been worried about fundraising.
We have been rejected for two adoption grants so far.
It's been heavy on our mind as we are supposed to visit Sofi around July.
That time will come quickly...especially if we aren't funded.

Today, I laid down and had to take a nap.
My nephews funeral was later in the evening and I felt exhausted.
Below is my dream....

Sofi was in a big building that looked like a school.
There was a chain link fence all around it and we couldn't get in.
I felt so sad and almost desperate to get her out.

All of a sudden, all of our friends and family started showing up.
Everyone was dressed in white and started holding hands around the school.
(Remember it was a very large school)
People started saying these words "With our love, we can bring Sofi home".
I remember feeling amazed in my dream...feeling the love all around us.
I remember feeling so blessed to have so many people love us...and love Sofi.

Then I witnessed a miracle.
My dear friend Sarah was standing right next to me holding my hand.
We looked over and saw her daughter Katie.
Katie was wearing a beautiful white dress...and when she saw her mom her face lit up with a smile and she started RUNNING towards her mommy.  Her hair was blowing in the breeze...and tears were coursing down our faces.
My chest felt like it was going to explode....and it settled into peace.
Knowledge that we are loved...that God knows us...He loves us...and He will help us bring our girl home.

In my dream I felt like I was bawling....I knew I was dreaming and yet I knew that there was a lesson.

I hear you God.
I bow to your grace...and your infinite wisdom.
I do not need to see you to have faith.

I am on my knees.
I am pleading.
Not for me..not for Stuart.
For Sofi.

We are pleading to you dear Lord.  Please help us bring home our girl.  Please help us bring her to her eternal family.  Please help us to be able to visit her in July.  Please help us to be prepared to give her what she needs.  Please help her to stay healthy.  Please help her feel of our love from all the way across the world.

We love you Sofi.

We are coming.


  1. Praying for sweet Sofi. I just know God has a plan for bringing her home!

  2. Crying my eyes out!!! Your dream was beautiful! What a gift. The Lord is so good!!!

  3. Love you friend!!!!! I am praying too!!!!


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