Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Miracles and Angels

Dear Life,

We are so blessed.  When we first started on this journey of adoption, we were petrified.
Scared out of our minds.
The one thing we knew is that Sofi belonged with our family...and somehow we would make it happen.
We prayed.
And we've witnessed miracle after miracle.
From a local jeweler creating a beautiful custom pendant to be raffled off with all proceeds going towards Sofi...
To a dear friend (who happens to be an amazing photographer) doing minisessions one weekend and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to Sofi...
To asking for used shoes for our shoe drive only hoping to collect 5000 and receiving 12000 pairs...exceeding our secret dream of collecting 10000 therefore helping us pay for all of our agency fees!

And then last week another miracle happened...
I called immigration because I lost the fingerprinting paperwork we needed for our appointment on Thursday.
The officer told me no one was assigned to the case yet...but she would email me the paperwork we needed so we didnt' have to postpone our appointment.
I felt like such a loser for losing the paper.
Thursday we went for our appointment.
Friday I received a call from this amazing officer....she received a huge stack of files and ours was on the bottom of the pile.
She remembered me and our story.
She approved us.
Less than a month.
When it was supposed to be 45-60 days.
Now we are just waiting for Sofi's country to sign a letter of referral and give us dates to visit.

How can I think anything else but God has this little girl in His hands...and is rushing this process right along.
Sofi is my daughter.
She has a loving daddy and five amazing brothers.
And she is being covered in love by so many others.
People like you...
People praying for her.
People giving what they can.
People sharing her story.
Angels on earth.

We are so very grateful for all of you.
We are asking, pleading, that if you can, please consider donating one dollar this week.
Here is the link to GIVE1SAVE1
Our goals  are lofty, if we can reach 2000 dollars, not only will that cover my plane ticket, but it will cover my husbands as well.
If we don't reach that, I will travel alone.
And that's fine.
But I would so love to capture the moment Sofi meets her daddy.
He has been waiting a long time for a daughter.
She will be here soon.


  1. I would pay for you both to go if I could. Good luck Tracy! Hugs, Sue

    1. I love your heart. Thank you so much!

  2. Tracy that is amazing that you decided to go with adoption. You know it's a tough decision and you're right, with prayer I myself have received a lot of strength from it and I see that you have as well. 45-60 days will probably feel twice that much! I look forward to reading more about Sofi when she is in your arms :) The support you have received is phenomenal and I'll do my best to donate as well. Thank you and look forward to reading more from you :)


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