Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just one

Dear Life,

Next week we are being featured.  And it's going to be pretty fantastic!  Where you ask?

What is it about?

It's SOOOO simple.

This fabulous organization features a different adoptive 
family, orphanage, or organization once a week on Monday. 

 "We’re just going to rain down a crazy blessing on a family,

organization, orphanage, or project and we’re going to do it 

every week. " 

What do they ask?  


That's it.  

Of course if you so choose to donate more...well that's up to you!  But everyone has ONE dollar!  

What are we saving?
One dollars means saving one orphan.
One dollar means one more bed can be opened up for another orphan.
One dollar means the world to more than one person.  

So look out for help with our Sofi less orphan!

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